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So You Want To Be on the Google Map: Step# 1

February 28, 2010 by  
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Have you noticed that when you type in a search query for anything in Google, Yahoo or Bing, a Map with little push-pins pop’s up?

In Google – that is the Google Map, or 7-Pack. It’s a pretty powerful place to be.

The Google 7-Pack not only shows up above the “organic” or “natural” search results, but it has a higher click rate than the Google Adwords (Ad’s surrounding it).


Let’s be clear, this Google 7-Pack is only one piece of the puzzle. The actual listing (the data that shows up on the map) comes from your Google Business Listing.

Why does your Google Business Listing Matter? Because it shows up in places outside of just the Map.

Where does it show? The Google Business Listing information shows up all over the web and Google, it show up in the search results pages (in the Google 7-Pack), in the map pages (when getting directions) , in the mobile applications (when texting Google or using a Map system to find your location or phone number) and so much more.

The data that appears in these Maps is from your Google Business Listing.
For Example:

Good news, some of you have been in business for a few years and have had your company information listed in a directory site (,, etc) and/ or your company information (Business Name, Address, Phone) was listed in the white pages of the phone book. That is how your information is already pre-populated in your Google Business Listing. relevant domains Google took this company information from phone books, directory sites and more and created a Google Business Listing in your honor. Congrats!

If you are a new company (under a year) or have never participated in some of these things (like be in the phone book/ white pages) you might not have a listing. No problem – you can get one for Free!

Your Google Business Listing is basically an online business card for your company, however because it is done by Google – it has a lot of marketing power that you need to know about.

The trick is you have to “Claim” and “Optimize” your Google Business Listing. You can’t just have it.

Step #1: Check to see if you have a Google Business Listing

1) Go to
2) Type in the name of your company. We did this for “Two Sisters Moving Company” below.


3) See how the Map appears? With the Business information next to it? They have a Google Business Listing that has been “Claimed” and “Optimized”.

If you do this for your company name, and a map does not appear – then you don’t have a listing and you need to create one.

If you have a Google Business Listing in your Company name – Congrats! Next step is to “Claim” and “Optimize” it.

Next Step – You have to “Claim” and create (if you don’t have a listing already) your Google Business Listing.

This is always my favorite question to Business Owners, “Have you claimed your Google Business Listing?”

The answer is always a “YES” then when I look it up…. the truth is it’s a big “NO”.

Because, let’s face it… Google has not exactly been “pro-active” about this Google Business Listing stuff. And if your company has been in business for a few years, you might have a listing, and might even show up on the Google Map, but you still have not “Claimed” it. Which means it is wide open to someone else “Claiming it” and not giving it back.

Yep, it happens. And FYI – there is not a small biz Google Claims court. seo links Google will just tell you to create another listing. they won’t remove your illegal listing – so now you have two listings, and the one that is on the Map will not be your new listing – but the illegal listing – confused?

Don’t worry. I get into Step# 2 – Creating & Claiming Your Google Business Listing in next weeks post.

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